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Discussion Question: Which Pitcher Would You Rather Have?

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Discussion Question: Which Pitching Prospect Would You Rather Have?

Based entirely on the information I'm about to provide, which pitching prospect would you rather have? Please try to base your decision solely on the information written here. Please don't look up who these guys are until after you have an answer. If you recognize them before that, still think about it and make a choice. I suggest avoiding the comment thread until after you vote.

PITCHING PROSPECT A: Pitching prospect A is 20 years old. He is tall and skinny at 6-4, 175 pounds. He has a low-90s fastball and a strong changeup, but his breaking stuff is still in development. He throws strikes, walking just 1.8 men per 9 innings this year. His strikeout rate wasn't great at 6.1 per nine. His average against was .252. His makeup is highly-regarded and he has clean mechanics. Right-handed. Pitched in Low-A.

Pitching prospect B is 20 years old. He is solidly built at 6-2, 220 pounds. He's been clocked in the upper-90s and also has a plus breaking ball, but his changeup needs work, and he has serious command issues. He struggled badly in his first look at professional hitters, walking 10.0 men per nine innings, although he also fanned 9.7 and didn't give up many hits with a .208 average against. Right-handed. Pitched in short-season-A.