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Currently Available International Players

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Yoennes Cespedes (Getty)

This is really tricky. I'm not "in" the loop here, as I don't have any direct contacts in the D.R. or other Latin American countries but I do have names I've heard or read that have yet to sign. I may have missed the signings as well as many of these don't get a lot of attention. In other words, this is a work in progress and always will be. Nothing with International talent is transparent.

1. Yoennis Cespedes, OF. The Cuban defector has a couple hoops he needs to jump through before being decalred a free agent and able to sign, but he could be within a couple weeks or a couple months. There is a lot of red tape here. When he signs, he shouldn't need more than some time to acclimate to the U.S. before making his MLB debut. He could be treated similar to Leonys Martin last season.

2. Jorge Soler, OF. A younger version of Cespedes is going through a similar situation. I might prefer his potential to Cespedes but he would probably begin in Low-A or maybe High A ball as a 19 year old. A cautious team may even place him in their complex level team in the Gulf Coast or Arizona league before sending him to a full season league next year. Timing will also be a large part of this. Whoever signs him will need some patience.

After that there is a drop off. There is a talented Dominican named Helsin Martinez who I was impressed by but no one has signed him and I haven't heard anything about him lately. Not sure what's happening with him now, but I'd place him 3rd here based on talent. After that, none of the pre-July 2nd guys are big names that you should get very excited about.

I wrote about some of the signings from this season here as well.

After the jump is a list of player I believe to be international free agents as well as some July 2nd names. I haven't done my due diligence on them yet but I will have a report about them prior to J2.

Like I said, some may have signed and I missed them but here they are:

Darfi Ortiz 2B D.R.
Adaniel Blanco SS D.R.
Alberto Garcia SS
Alexis Parma OF Venezuela
Alfrandy Cespedes P D.R.
Carlos Pereira 3B D.R.
Cesar Aybar P D.R.
Cesar Gonzalez C Venezuela
Daniel Rodriguez P D.R.
Deivi Paulino P D.R.
Eddy Morabel 3B D.R.
Elvis Sanchez 3B
Eskarlin Vazquez OF
Felix Carvallo P Venezuela
Fidias Soto OF D.R.
Ismael Alcantara 3B
Jonas Corporan P D.R.
Jose Julio Ruiz 1B Cuba
Luis Abad P
Michale Leso P D.R.
Pedro Araujo P D.R.
Vladiimir Tejeda P D.R.
Yadil Mujica 3B Cuba
Yoguar Villega SS D.R.
Yorman Landa P Venezuela
Chih Yu Lin P Taiwan
Jih Yuk Ryu 3B South Korea
Ju Suc Ha SS South Korea
Mitchel Martes 3B Aruba
Robert Michael Garcia Quiroz P Mexico
Ronald Ferreras P D.R.
Sung Hyuk Han P South Korea
Helsin Martinez OF Dominican Republic
Gustavo Perinan SS Colombia
Carlos Rodriguez P
Eric Gabo OF
Erick Hurtado P Dominican Republic
Manuel Gonzalez P Dominican Republic
Jhoan Urena 3B Dominican Republic
Jose Leal OF
Luis Carreno P
Sanber Pimentel OF Dominican Republic
Gialy Arias P Dominican Republic
Junior Flores P Venezuela
Kevin Sosa P Venezuela
Victor Medina OF
July 2nd guys
Deivei Grullon C D.R.
Yancarlos Baez SS D.R.
Ronny Carvajal OF D.R.
Jose Pujols OF D.R.
Luis Barrera OF D.R.
Frandi Delarosa SS D.R.
Wendell Rijo SS D.R.
Natanael Javier 3B D.R.
Gustavo Cabrera OF D.R.
Andres DeAza OF D.R.
Hector Morales P D.R.
Francis Peguero SS D.R.
Lugo Octavis SS D.R.
Angel Moreno SS D.R.
Grofi Cruz Martinez SS D.R.
Alberto Sanchez 3B D.R.
Luis Castillo 3B D.R.
Juaquin DelaCruz 3B D.R.
Kelvin Esteves 3B D.R.
Francisco Castro C Mexico
Branly Crisotomo P D.R.
Angel Heredia P D.R.
Winder Novas P D.R.
Yairo Munoz SS D.R.
Nelson Alvarez OF D.R.
Natanael Delgado OF D.R.
Rafael Santana OF D.R.