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Mike Trout Promoted; Futures Game Implications

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As you are probably aware by now, Los Angeles Angels prospect Mike Trout was promoted to the majors this morning and should be in the starting lineup tonight. Alas, this was too late for him to be named Prospect of the Day, but I'll write him up on Monday. I think they might be rushing him a bit, but he's met or exceeded all expectations so far, so I can understand the temptation to do this.

I was thinking about the implications this has for the 2011 MLB All-Star Futures Game. I assume that, unless he gets sent back down to the minors in time, he is no longer eligible to play in the talent showcase. They'll have to come up with a replacement. Who should it be?

Let's assume they need to stick with another outfielder for roster purposes. Who would you select? Let's come up with some names and we can work up a poll this weekend.

Two that come to mind for me are Trayvon Robinson and Desmond Jennings. Make some other suggestions.