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Either/Or: Brett Jackson vs. Ryan Kalish

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I am working on the Anderson/Rizzo Smackdown and hope to have it done this evening. In the meantime, here is an Either/Or for you.

If you could have Chicago Cubs outfield prospect Brett Jackson, or Boston Red Sox outfield prospect Ryan Kalish, which would you pick? They have some similar skills....speed, on-base ability, some power...Jackson had an .886 OPS this year between High-A and Double-A, Kalish was at .884 in Double-A and Triple-A. We have seen Kalish in the majors but he's also a few months older and has more professional experience, so the fact that he's ahead of Jackson on roster status doesn't mean much.

This strikes me as a difficult choice. What say you?

(NOTE: The selection of the Kalish picture is not intended to influence the vote).