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John's All Time Favorite Team

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John's All Time Favorite Team

Per reader request, here is a look at my All Time Favorite Player team. This is not my take on an "All Time Best" team; these are guys that I just really enjoyed as players. The one qualification is that it has to be a guy who I actually saw play.

CATCHER: Joe Mauer
FIRST BASE: Albert Pujols
SECOND BASE: Lou Whitaker
THIRD BASE: David Wright
SHORTSTOP: Robin Yount
OUTFIELD: Tim Raines
OUTFIELD: Kirby Puckett
OUTFIELD: Vladimir Guerrero
OUTFIELD: Dwight Evans
DH: Ken Singleton
BENCH: Mike Squires (he hit a homer in the first minor league game I ever saw)

STARTERS:  Bert Blyleven, Zack Greinke, Jerry Koosman, Ron Guidry, J.R. Richard
RELIEVERS: Rick Aguilera, Bruce Sutter, Dennis Eckersley,  Lee Smith, Al Hrabosky

Who are your favorites?