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Trade Reactions, Part One

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Quick Impressions of the Deadline Deals

Here are some quick, rapid-fire impressions of the deadline deals.

Alberto Callaspo for Sean O'Sullivan and Will Smith: Callaspo was excess in Kansas City and in exchange the Royals picked up a couple of Grade C/C+ type pitchers. Seems OK to me for both teams, Callaspo helping the Angels out at third base, while the Royals add some pitching depth for their youth movement.

The Dan Haren Trade: Haren to Los Angeles, with Pat Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez, and Joe Saunders going to Arizona. On first blush, I thought the Diamondbacks could get more for Haren. Saunders is OK as an inning eater but hardly a huge talent, and at age 29 that's not likely to change.  Rodriguez looks like a fair relief spare part. Corbin is something like a younger version of Saunders, as a finesse lefty with inning-eating potential if he can add some strength to his frame. The PTBN is rumored to be Tyler Skaggs, who would be the best talent of the prospects involved and would make this package look better. Overall I like the deal from the Angels perspective. It would work out OK for Arizona too if Corbin and Skaggs develop properly.

More to come