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I am working on the Miller/Turner Smackdown for this afternoon, then the rookie ball thing for tomorrow or Wednesday. Some Double-A Transition Monitors will get in there too. I though the Heyward/Castro question would go down about 75% for Heyward and 25% for Castro. I voted for Heyward but I thought it might be a little closer. I guess not.

Someone also asked me about if high school kids who sign a "letter of intent" to a college are also breaking their word if they turn pro. I can understand why that would annoy college coaches and programs, but this strikes me as more of a grey area. It's a "letter of intent"...."I intend to attend Baseball State University unless a pro offer I like comes along." The coaches know that is how it is intended, although there could be some cases where the player makes a much stronger verbal commitment to the coach in person. In a case like that, it would bother me more. But I still don't think a player not following his letter of intent to college in order to go pro is quite the same as a player who says "If you draft me, I will sign for $2 million," to agree to that verbally and have the team think that is the case when they make the draft decision, but then say "oops, no I meant $4 million." Again, perhaps I am just naive.