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San Francisco Giants Draft Review

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Completing the NL West with the Giants.

San Francisco Giants Draft Review
1) Gary Brown, OF, Cal State Fullerton: Brown's blazing speed and center field defense are big assets, but he draws few walks and might not show much power with wood. I'm not wild about the pick personally, thinking that a power bat would fit better, but from a traditional perspective Brown is attractive.

2) Jarrett Parker, OF, University of Virginia: Quite toolsy, Parker has more power potential than Brown, but an inconsistent track record and questions about his high strikeout rate kept him out of the first round. Could be excellent, could be a bust.

3) Carter Jurica, SS, Kansas State University: A very good college player, Jurica has average tools and a chance to hit well, but range probably makes him a second baseman down the line. I think this was an overdraft by five rounds.

4) Seth Rosin, RHP, University of Minnesota: Rosin has exceptional command and always throws strikes, but the quality of his stuff can vary from outing to outing. He can hit 94-96 at his best but is usually below that, and many scouts doubt his secondary pitches.

5) Heath Hembree, RHP, College of Charleston: Hits the mid-to-upper-90s, but raw as college pitchers go, needing to improve his secondary pitches.

6) Mike Kickham, LHP, Missouri State University: Low-90s fastball, good slider, curveball and changeup, but inconsistent track record kept him from earlier rounds.

7) Chuckie Jones, OF, Missouri HS: Strong power potential, but somewhat raw and will need development work to get the most out of his strength.

8) Joe Staley, C, Lubbock Christian: Defense isn't too hot, but he was a very successful college hitter and this has a decent chance to carry forward. Might end up at first base.

9) Chris Lofton, OF, Jones County JC: Speed demon with questionable bat.

10) Dan Burkhart, C, Ohio State University: Got some attention as batterymate of Alex Wimmers this year. Good defensive catcher with decent arm, bat is doubtful enough that he dropped to this spot in the draft.

FOUR OTHERS OF NOTE: 12-Stephen Harrold, RHP, UNC Wilmington; 16-Austin Fleet, RHP, Coastal Carolina; 20-Brett Bochy, RHP, University of Kansas; 25-Brett Krill, OF, UCLA

COMMENTS: Brown and Parker are good picks from the athlete/tools standpoint, but neither is guaranteed to help the Giants hitting attack until we see if they can handle pro pitching. Brown's speed would certainly help if he gets on base enough, but that is an open question at this stage. Rosin, Hembree, and Kickham could all be good but also have question-marks. Other picks have a similar blend of potential and weakness, and there are no sure things in this class. Overall I'm not that impressed.