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Cleveland Indians Draft Review

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Moving forward with the AL Central, here is a look at the Cleveland Indians draft class.


Cleveland Indians Draft Review
1) Drew Pomeranz, LHP, University of Mississippi: Power lefty arm with occasional command problems and a bad hairdo, but I really like him. He might need a couple of years in the minors to polish his mechanics and get the changeup as sharp as his fastball and breaking ball, but he's a good risk.

2) LeVon Washington, OF, Chipola Junior College: Still has the great tools (except for a weak arm), but an erratic spring college spring hurt his stock by a round compared to last year. High-risk, high-reward type.

3) Tony Wolters, SS, California HS: Very polished high school hitter, likely to send up at second base. He had some late first-round buzz at one point, so getting him in the third round could be a real coup.

4) Kyle Blair, RHP, University of San Diego: I like his hard 90-94 MPH sinker, and he's improved his curveball, slider, and changeup. I thought he could go in the second round, so this is another pick that could end up working out quite nicely.

5) Cole Cook, RHP, Pepperdine: Somewhat raw for a college pitcher, but works in the low 90s and has a changeup and breaking ball with potential. Won't advance as quickly as Blair, but could have more upside.

6) Nick Bartolone, SS, Chabot Junior College: Smallish player with average tools but excellent work ethic and feel for the game, a "baseball rat" type. Probably a future utility player, but might surprise.

7) Robbie Aviles, RHP, New York HS: Had a chance to go in the first round until a late-season elbow injury. Could be a real bargain if he 1) signs and 2) rehabs the elbow successfully. Big "ifs", but I think it was a gamble worth taking.

8) Alex Lavisky, C, Ohio HS: They didn't draft Stetson Allie, but they did draft his high school catcher, and Lavisky is a good prospect in his own right, showing power, athleticism, and decent defensive ability. They will need to go over slot to sign him away from Georgia Tech.

9) Jordan Cooper, RHP, Wichita State: Draft-eligible sophomore with average stuff but excellent pitching instincts, dominated for the Shockers this year. Projects as a number four starter if he signs.

10) Tyler Holt, OF, Florida State University: Good speed, gets on base, has some pop, very successful in college. Could have gone several rounds higher, and a nice pick in the 10th round.

FOUR OTHERS OF NOTE: 11-Hunter Jones, OF, California HS; 14-Diego Seastrunk, C, Rice; 20-Burch Smith, RHP, Howard JC; 24-Andrew Triggs, RHP, USC.

COMMENT: Solid mix of talent at the top: a power college lefty, a toolsy JC guy, a polished high school hitter, a polished college arm, and an upside college arm. I like the diversity. Aviles, Lavisky, and Cooper all have signability issues that will have to be addressed, but if they get them under contract, I think this is a strong balance of talent from a variety of sources and backgrounds.