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Colorado Rockies Draft Review

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Next up: Colorado Rockies.

Colorado Rockies
1) Kyle Parker, OF, Clemson: High-order power potential, works hard, has the leadership skills expected of a strong Division I quarterback. Football may complicate things a little, but they wouldn't have drafted him if he wasn't signable: Upside: Dante Bichette with better plate discipline. Downside: flames out against Triple-A breaking stuff.

1S) Peter Tago, RHP, California HS: 90-93 MPH fastball, greatly improved breaking ball late in the spring season, still has projection. This is an excellent pick as high school pitchers go, and could have gone higher.

2) Chad Bettis, RHP, Texas Tech: 90-93 MPH, very good-but-erratic slider, decent changeup, pitched well in a pro-offense college environment at Tech. I like him as a second rounder.

3) Josh Rutledge, SS, University of Alabama: Good defensive player, can stick at the position, runs well. Development of his bat will determine if he's a utility player or possible starter, but he lacks power.

4) Russ Wilson, OF, North Carolina State University: Another quarterback, has a good arm and might turn into a solid hitter, but is presently much rawer than Parker. I think this one is a stretch.

5) Josh Slaats, RHP, University of Hawaii: 90-94 MPH fastball, good slider, big pitcher at 6-5, 230. Good record in wooden bat summer leagues. I like him; he's solid in the fifth round.

6) Jared Simon, OF, University of Tampa: Another guy with power, good plate discipline, right field arm.

7) Kraig Sitton, LHP, Oregon State University: Big lefty at 6-5, 205, hits 90 MPH and has a decent breaking ball, but perhaps a bit raw for a college pitcher. Will need to improve his changeup to start.

8) Corey Dickerson, OF, Meridian Community College: Another power bat, this one from the Mississippi junior college ranks. Decent tools except for weak arm, could be a steal here.

9) Geoff Parker, RHP, Florida State University: Average stuff with an erratic college track record, this one strikes me as an overdraft by five or ten rounds.

10) Brett Tanos, 2B, Santa Ana Junior College: California JC product with excellent makeup and unusual power for a middle infielder, could be a sleeper.

FOUR OTHERS OF NOTE: 13-Josh Mueller, RHP, Eastern Illinois; 15-Will Swanner, ,C, California HS; 23-Bruce Kern, RHP, St. John's; 30-Jeff Ames, RHP, Lower Columbia JC.

COMMENT: Power bats are the theme here: Parker, Wilson, Simon, Dickerson, and Tanos can all bop the ball, though Wilson and Dickerson will need polish. Arms were not neglected, with Tago, Bettis, and Slaats all having strong potential. Most of their picks were appropriate for slot. Overall, I think it is a solid class.