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Notes for April 2, 2010

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**We'll be completing the Community Projections in the coming days, doing Brian Matusz today, followed by Austin Jackson and Stephen Strasburg, which will give us ten interesting players to track as the season progresses. Please participate in this project: I want to see if your community of highly-intelligent, knowledgeable, and extremely intuitive fans can do better than the various projection systems. The more serious entries we get, the better.

**Thanks to everyone who has been supportive regarding my "change of lifestyle" plans. I"m not approaching this like a "diet," but am re-orienting the way I approach several aspects of my life in order to get and stay healthier. Part of this is being accountable.

**My personal Facebook page is being converted over to, well, personal things, such as better eating and non-baseball expression. However, we now have a Minor League Ball Facebook page for baseball information. Sign up!! There will be plenty more to come there. If you don't want to be annoyed with a list of the things I ate today, you should skip over the personal page and keep track of the new MiLB page.

**I am going to be in Washington DC the middle of next week for the first time, on SB Nation business. Don't worry, we will keep you entertained here for Opening Week. Minor League action starts on April 8th. I promise that this will be the best season ever for Minor League Ball.

**We had our first thunderstorm of the spring in Lawrence this morning.  The tulips are poking out and the trees are trying to green up. I love this time of year.