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I'm here in Omaha, and saw the O-Royals slaughter Las Vegas 14-1 last night. There are unusual number of interesting players in this series considering it is the Triple-A level. I'll have a full report and some video for you on Saturday, but here are a few brief notes.

**Jordan Parraz is VERY athletic. He made a tremendous catch to rob a hitter of a home run last night, a catch that required perfect timing, hand-eye coordination, and a great vertical leap. He has above average speed, a cannon arm, and works the count reasonably well. Not sold on his power yet but will take another look tonight. Hard to believe the Astros gave this guy up for Tyler Lumsden.

**Chris Lubanski looks like he's lost 20 pounds. Much quicker than last year.

**David Purcey had NOTHING and I have to wonder if he was healthy last night. His best fastball was 87 MPH, and his breaking ball was poor. His location was way off and they pulled him from the game after one inning.

**Travis Snider has the fastest bat here, but he looked bad as a fielder yesterday.