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Impressions from KU/Texas

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I took in a couple of college baseball games this weekend, KU vs. Texas. I'm a bit under the weather right now and lasted just through six innings of the Saturday game, but saw the whole game yesterday, sitting down with James Quinn of Rock Chalk Talk. He's written up our conversations, which you might find interesting or amusing and give you a little insight into what a dork I am.

KU swept Texas, and frankly I wasn't especially impressed with the Longhorns. Brandon Belt, a first baseman mentioned as a possible early choice for the draft this year, looked to me like he had a somewhat long swing. Brandon Workman, a sophomore expected to be a top pick in 2010, is a right-handed pitcher with a 90+ fastball and some movement on his secondary pitches, but I thought his delivery had a lot of moving parts and he looks like an injury risk to me on first impression. The guy I liked best was Kevin Keyes, a sophomore outfielder who like Workman should go high in the 2010 draft. He's big, strong, reasonably fast, toolsy, and looks like he's got a lot of power potential in his bat.