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Someone asked me for my opinion regarding White Sox infielder Chris Getz, expected to open the year at second base. Here is what I wrote about him in the 2009 Baseball Prospect Book:

Getz was drafted in the fourth round in 2005, from the University of Michigan. He's moved through the system steadily, hampered by injuries at times, but generally playing well when healthy, showing a knack for contact hitting. He's not a walk machine, but he doesn't strike out much, and has just enough pop in his bat to keep the pitchers from overpowering him. Getz has average defensive tools, but is fundamentally sound. His best position is second base, but he can play shortstop or the outfield without hurting you too badly, though an average arm is a limit. A late-season wrist injury is a concern heading into spring training, but if healthy he has a shot at being the Opening Day second baseman. I think he can be a good role player but he won't be a star. Grade C+.

Getz is hitting .333/.404/.476 through 15 games in spring training. I don't think he'll do that over a full season. His MLEs make him out as a .260-.270 hitter, OBP in the .320-.330 range, SLG around .380, picking up 10-12 steals in enough playing time. That seems reasonable to me, and the book comment still stands as my basic opinion about him. Buy the book guys!