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Third round.

New rule: if things are slow and I make the pick, I am NOT going to go back and change it. Sorry but we have to speed this up. I let it go a couple of times but no more, it is not fair. Once it is listed on the chart it counts.

95 Devil Rays: Danny Rams, C, Florida HS
96 Royals: Julian Sampson, RHP, Washington HS
97 Cubs: Zach Cozart, SS, Mississippi
98 Pirates: Brandon Hamilton, RHP, Alabama HS
99 Mets: David Kopp, RHP, Clemson
100 Nationals: Hunter Morris, OF, Alabama HS
101 Brewers: Chad Bettis, RHP, Texas HS
102 Rockies: Denny Almonte, OF, Florida HS
103 Dbacks: Austin Krum, OF, Dallas Baptist
104 Reds: Cameron Rupp, C
105 Mariners: Travis Banwart RHP, Wichita State
106 Marlins: Sean Morgan, RHP, Tulane
107 Phillies: Steven Neff, LHP, SC HS
108 Braves: Jess Todd, RHP, Arkansas
109 Reds: Brian Friday, SS, Rice
110 Rangers: Ed Easley, C, Mississippi State
111 Astros: Kevin Keyes, OF, Texas HS
112 Cardinals: Eric Sogard, 2B, Arizona State
113 Phillies: Corey Gearrin, RHP, Mercer
114 red sox: Brian Dupra, RHP, New York HS
115 Blue Jays: Lyle Allen, OF, Georgia HS
116 Dodgers: Scott Alexander, LHP, California HS
117 Padres: Eddie Kunz, RHP, Oregon State
118 Angels: John Bachanov, RHP, Florida HS
119 white sox: Freddie Freeman, INF-P, California HS
120 Athletics: Darwin Barney, SS, Oregon State
121 Tigers: Kyle O'Campo, RHP, California HS
122 Twins: Brandon Hicks, SS, Texas A&M
123 Mets: Matt Thompson, RHP, Santa Rosa JC
124 yankees: Tyler Martin, RHP< Louisiana HS