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OK, let's keep going with the second round. We'll take a break after this one. As with the suppl round, make your pick once you see the guy ahead of you go, and I'll catch up with the list as we go.

  1. Devil Rays: Josh Tolisano, SS, Florida HS
  2. Royals: Nick Tepesch, RHP, Missouri HS
  3. Nationals: Brian Rike, OF, Louisiana Tech
  4. Pirates: Kevin Patterson, 1B, Alabama HS
  5. Braves: Josh Horton, SS, North Carolina
  6. Nationals: Garrett Nash, SS, Utah HS
  7. Cardinals: Nathan Vinyard, LHP, Georgia HS
  8. Rockies: Cole Abbott, RHP, Utah HS
  9. Diamondbacks: Evan Daniello, RHP, New Jersey HS
  10. Athletics: Mitch Canham, C, Oregon State
  11. Mariners: Scott Moviel, RHP, Ohio HS
  12. Marlins: Travis Mattair, 3B, Washington HS
  13. Mets: Jordan Zimmerman, RHP, Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  14. Braves: Jon Gilmore, INF, Iowa HS
  15. Reds: Sam Demel, RHP, TCU
  16. Rangers: Matt West, SS, Texas HS
  17. Padres: Gary Brown, OF, California HS
  18. Cardinals: Wes Roemer, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
  19. Phillies: Victor Sanchez, 3B, California HS
  20. Red Sox: Chad Jones, OF, Louisiana HS
  21. Blue Jays: Josh Fields, RHP, Geogia
  22. Dodgers: Neftali Soto, SS, Puerto Rico HS
  23. Padres: Taylor Cole, RHP, Nevada HS
  24. Blue Jays: James Adkins, LHP, Tennessee
  25. White Sox: Tanner Robles, LHP, Utah HS
  26. Athletics: Danny Payne, OF, Georgia Tech
  27. Tigers: Eric Eiland, OF, Texas HS
  28. Twins: Sam Runion, RHP, NC HS
  29. Mets: Tony Thomas, 2B, Florida State
  30. Yankees: Barry Enright, RHP, Pepperdine