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Minnesota Twins Top 20 Prospects

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Francisco Liriano

Minnesota Twins Top 20 Prospects for 2006

  1. Francisco Liriano, LHP, Grade A
  2. Scott Baker, RHP, B+
  3. Anthony Swarzak, RHP, B+
  4. Matt Garza, RHP, B+
  5. Matt Moses, 3B, B
  6. Jason Kubel, OF, B
  7. Jay Rainville, RHP, B (grade change from book, increase from B- to Grade B)
  8. Kevin Slowey, RHP, B
  9. Adam Harben, RHP, B
  10. Boof Bonser, RHP, B-
  11. Jose Mijares, LHP, B-
  12. Alex Romero, OF, B-
  13. Glen Perkins, LHP, B- (grade change from book, increase from C+ to B-)
  14. Trevor Plouffe, SS, C+
  15. Kyle Waldrop, RHP, C+
  16. Denard Span, OF, C+
  17. Brian Duensing, LHP, C+
  18. J.D. Durbin, RHP, C+
  19. Ryan Mullins, LHP, C+
  20. Juan Portes, 2B, C+
A couple of grade changes, as noted above. If Kubel's knee is healthy, raise his grade to at least B+ and probably A- (which would put him second on the list).

Breakout candidates for 2006 include lefty Brian Duensing and infielder Juan Portes.

The Twins have tremendous pitching depth, but are weaker on the positional side. Moses and Kubel are the only two guys with plus power potential, and both have health questions.

Feel free to critique.