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Minnesota Twins Top 20 List

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Mr. Slider, Jesse Crain

  1. Jesse Crain RHP A-
  2. Jason Kubel OF A-
  3. J.D. Durbin RHP B+
  4. Scott Baker RHP B+
  5. Glen Perkins LHP B+
  6. Jason Bartlett SS B
  7. Adam Harben RHP B
  8. Francisco Liriano LHP B (grade change)
  9. Alex Romero OF B
  10. Trevor Plouffe SS B
  11. Kyle Waldrop RHP B
  12. Matt Moses 3B B-
  13. Jay Rainville RHP B-
  14. Matt Fox RHP B-
  15. Anthony Swarzak RHP B-
  16. Boof Bonser RHP B-
  17. Travis Bowyer RHP B-
  18. Scott Tyler RHP C+
  19. Terry Tiffee 3B C+
  20. Ryan Rowland-Smith LHP C+
I'm moving Francisco Liriano from Grade C+ to Grade B based on recent positive health and velocity reports.
The rating of Jason Kubel at Grade A- might be controversial due to his severe knee injury. He would be a pure Grade A if healthy, but it is possible that he should be downgraded to B+ or even Grade B due to the severity of the injury. I want more information before doing that, however.
I'm no longer counting Joe Mauer as a prospect, since I think his performance level has been established.
Watch for Adam Harben. I think he is a major, major sleeper.
Boof Bonser and Travis Boyer look overrated at B-. Both are probably closer to C+, but right now I will leave them where they are and take responsibility if the book grades turn out to be too aggressive. Per reader input, I have altered the list to include Terry Tiffee since he is closer to the Show.