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Minor League Ball Community Projection: Trea Turner, Washington Nationals

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Tell us what lies ahead for the young Nationals star

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Washington Nationals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today we will wind up the Community Projection project for this spring. So far for 2017 we’ve done Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox, Josh Bell of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees. Then we did Dansby Swanson of the Atlanta Braves, and Byron Buxton of the Minnesota Twins. Michael Conforto of the Mets, Maikel Franco of the Phillies, and Raul Mondesi of the Royals followed.

Let’s finish this with Trea Turner of the Washington Nationals, as suggested by a reader.

The concept is simple: I name a player, and you give me the statistics you expect him to post in 2017 in the comment thread below. Then when we get a fair number of entries we tally it all up, then compare it to what actually happens and see how we did in comparison to reality, as well as in comparison to the projections run by more sophisticated systems (ZIPS, PECOTA, etc.)

Project the following numbers for Trea Turner for 2017:

games, at-bats, runs, hits, doubles, triples, homers, walks, strikeouts, HBP, steals, caught stealing.

I will calculate the resulting slash line on a spreadsheet if you don’t want to do it yourself.