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MLB Rookie Report: Scott Alexander, LHP, Kansas City Royals

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With injuries slamming the pitching staff, the Kansas City Royals have promoted left-hander Scott Alexander from Triple-A Omaha to the major league roster. Here's a quick look.

Scott Alexander was drafted by the Royals in the sixth round in 2010 from Sonoma State University. Used almost exclusively as a reliever in the minors, he hasn't started a game since 2012 and has been groomed for short relief work. His best professional season was 2015, when he posted a 2.56 ERA in 63 innings for Omaha with a 50/17 K/BB, collecting 14 saves. He appeared briefly in the majors last season with six innings of bullpen duty over four outings, with a 4.50 ERA and 3/3 K/BB.

Alexander is a 6-2, 190 pounder, age 26. He is NOT a soft-tosser, owning a legitimate 90-94 MPH fastball and a solid-average slider. He is a ground ball pitcher and hitters have a hard time lofting him, especially lefties who batted a mere .144 against him last season and just .154 this year.

He is ideally-suited for anti-lefty LOOGY relief work and could have a long career in that role. Here are some snippets from his MLB debut last fall.