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Introducing Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball for 2016

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For a third straight year, FanDuel and SB Nation are partnering up through an exclusive deal for daily fantasy baseball.

What's daily fantasy baseball? It is very, very simple. You pick a set lineup of players (it does not have to be the same players each day) while working with a salary cap. Your team is scored based on their performances in that one day. If you score high enough for whatever group contest you enter, you can win some money. Simple, fun, and no one gets hurt.

Read about The Rules are right here.

Disclosure: FanDuel did give me some money to play around with the game and learn how to work it. I am actually not a very big fantasy player due to lack of time and while this is one of those "sponsored posts," this is a game that legitimately holds my interest and would do so even without that incentive. It doesn't take much time and the system is easy to work with.

PLAY FANDUEL! New players win cash in their first league or get their entry fee refunded! Offered in partnership with FanDuel.