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Cleveland Indians preliminary prospect list

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Here is the working research list for Cleveland Indians prospects.

Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar
David Maxwell/Getty Images

I am now working on the Cleveland Indians Top 20 prospects for 2015 list. The first run through the system gave me 46 names for study, which I have cut down to the 39 listed below.

As always, the top prospects are pretty obvious but the hard part is deciding which Grade C prospects to focus on. Like all organizations, the Indians have some potential role players close to the majors (of greater interest to short-term fantasy owners and casual fans) as well as long-distance prospects years away from the big leagues but with upside (of greater interest to dynasty-stye fantasy owners, prospect fanatics, and intense Indians fans). Finding the right balance takes some time.

Cleveland Indians 39 players

Austin Adams RHP
Jesus Aguilar 1B
Greg Allen OF
Cody Anderson RHP
Shawn Armstrong RHP
Dylan Baker RHP
Bobby Bradley 1B
Charles Brewer RHP
Mitch Brown RHP
Yu Cheng Chang INF
Joseph Colon RHP
Clint Frazier OF
Erik Gonzalez SS
Eric Haase C
Grant Hockin RHP
Tyler Holt OF
Francisco Lindor SS
Jeremy Lucas C
Luis Lugo LHP
Francisco Mejia C
Ryan Merritt LHP
Julian Merryweather RHP
Carlos Moncrief OF
Shawn Morimando LHP
Tyler Naquin OF
Mike Papi OF
Dorssys Paulino OF
Adam Plutko RHP
James Ramsey OF
Jared Robinson RHP
Luigi Rodriguez OF
Nelson Rodriguez 1B
Casey Shane RHP
Silento Sayles OF
Justus Sheffield LHP
Levon Washington OF
Tony Wolters C
Giovanny Urshela 2B
Bradley Zimmer OF