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2012 MLB International Preview

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This is a very early look at the players available starting on July 2nd. While there are surely more players that will sign than this, these are the players that I am aware of and what I have seen of them. I will likely have another article with more information about these guys as I learn more, this is just something to whet the appetite a little.

Rank Name Pos. City Birthday Bats Throws Height Weight
1 Gustavo Cabrera OF La Romana, DR 1/23/1996 Right Right 6'2" 190
Speedy with pop in the bat. Good arm, bit of a funky swing but very, very good prospect. Will likely get the largest bonus of the year.
2 Frandi Delarosa SS Comendador, DR 1/24/1996 Both Right 6'1" 180
Huge ceiling. Good actions up the middle will be plus at 3B or really good at SS. Bat will play at corners. Enormous potential if he can stick at SS.
3 Luis Torrens 3B 5/2/1996 R R 6' 171
Very good defensively. Solid bat with a lot of offensive potential.
4 Jairo Beras OF 12/25/1995
Somewhat awkward in the field. A lot of moving parts in his swing but huge power potential.
5 Wendell Rijo SS La Romana, DR 9/4/1995 Right Right 5'11" 170
Carries himself well on the field. Knows how to play the game. Player more than tools.
6 Alexander Palma OF 10/18/1995 R R 6' 200
Smooth swing, good power potential. Solid defensively. One of the more polished players in this years crop.
7 Nathanael Javier 3B Santo Domingo, DR 10/10/1995 R Right 6'3" 185
Nice swing, athletic. Has a few bad habits defensively. Could be very good all around player.
8 Amaurys Minier 3B San Cristobal, DR 1/30/1996 Both Right 6'2" 190
Quick bat creates power. Not sold on the contact ability. Good defense at 3B.
9 Kelyn Jose P Nagua, DR 5/19/1995 L L 6'4" 185
Big velocity on the lefty. Needs a ton of work but very high ceiling.
10 Yancarlos Baez SS San Cristobal, DR 9/21/1995 6'2" 165
The best defensive outfielder of the class has room to grow at the plate and could be an average or better CF.
11 Deivy Grullon C Bonao, DR 2/17/1996 Right Right 6' 180
Better defensively than offensively. Bat has potential. If he can hit .26 with 15 homers, he could be a top 15 MLB catcher.
12 Luis Barrera OF Tamboril, DR 11/15/1995 Left Left 6'1" 180
RAW. He has a lot of potential with the bat but is RAW in all parts of his game. Just awkward defensively. Swings out of his shoes.
13 Jose Pujols OF Santo Domingo, DR 9/29/1995 Right Right 6'3" 175
Big athletic RF with good arm and range. Plus bat speed will create power but will swing and miss a lot with current swing.
14 Ronny Carvajal OF Bani, DR 10/9/1995 Right Right 6'3" 180
Will grow into a monster. Should add 4-5 LBS in a few years in the states. Who knows what that will do to him. Power will be his game.
15 Jose Mujica P 6/29/1996 R R 6'2 180
Good arm action. Nice movement on fastball. Not sure about the rest.
16 Branly Crisotomo P 10/25/1994 R R 6'1 180
Polished for a Dominican, he only hits upper 8's on the gun. Need to see what happens before expecting a lot.
17 Julo De La Cruz 3B Yamasa, DR 10/5/1995 Right Right 6'1" 190
Average defensively at 3B. Bat may be light for that spot but he has bat speed and could improve to show more power.
18 Felix Suarez SS Santo Domingo, DR 1/9/1996 Right Right 6'1" 175
Suarez has solid actions up the middle and could end up as a reliable SS with a solid bat.
19 Euri Minaya OF 10/11/1995 R R 6'4" 202
Has one swing and the ball needs to find his bat. Needs a lot of AB's but could pay off if he can figure things out.
20 Juan Carlos Arias 1B/3B r r 6'3" 199
Big raw power but will likely need to really hit with future 1b profile.
21 Richard Urena SS SF Macoris, DR 1/26/1996 Left Right 6'1" 160
More of a slap hitter than anything. Looks like a solid ss defensively.
22 Leury Vargas 1B 8/30/1996 Left Right 6'3" 210
Massive kid and not overly athletic. Bat plays well and will have to play really well because he is a 1B all the way.
23 Joel Gonzalez C San Cristobal, DR 8/1/1996 R R 6'1" 175
Very good defensively. Will need to see what the bat does.
24 Franklin Barreto SS 2/27/1996 Right R 5'9 174
ok bat, ok at short. Looks like a utility guy or a 2nd tier 2B at best.
25 Luis Castro 3b 9/19/1995 R R 6'1" 187
Future 3B. Not a fan of the bat at this point.
26 Jose Castillo p 1/10/1996 L L 6'4 199
Poor mechanics and upper 8's fastball. Will need work to get anywhere.
27 Juan Uribe P
28 Ignacio Valdez OF 7/16/1995 6'3" 185
29 Joaquin DelaCruz 3B Santo Domingo, DR 10/13/1995 Right Right 6'3" 170
30 Rafael Santana OF 10/24/1995 Right Right 6' 160
31 Rafael Uribe P
32 Wilfredo Magallanes P
33 Alberto Uceta P Montecristi, DR 9/21/1995 Right Right 6'2" 170
34 Bienvenido Morales P Cibao, DR 6/26/1996 L L 6'2 170
35 Bryan Munoz P Pimentel, DR 7/26/1995 Right Right 6'0" 187
36 Alberto Sanchez 3B Oviedo, DR 2/14/1996 Right Right 6'1" 180
37 Lugo Octavis SS Neyba, DR 11/19/1995 Right Right 6'1" 170
38 Emmanuel Tapia OF/1B Santo Domingo, DR 2/26/1996 L L 6'2" 220
39 Luis Guzman OF 9/10/1995 L L 6' 190
40 Jean Carlos Mejia P Gaspar Herandez, DR 8/26/1996 Right Right 6'2" 170
41 Johnny Rodriguez OF Mao, DR 7/20/1996 Left Left 6'3" 170
42 Miguel Munoz OF Samana, DR 12/27/1995 Right Right 6'2" 175
43 Natanael Delgado OF Los Cacaos, DR 10/23/1995 Left Left 6'1" 160
44 Winder Novas P Vicente Noble, DR 3/6/1996 Right Right 6'1" 165
45 Alvaro Castillo P Santo Domingo, DR 9/26/1995 Right Right 6'6" 195
46 Raivy Barias SS Bani, DR 9/25/1995 Right Right 6'1" 175
47 Richard Nunez C Santaigo, DR 3/14/1995 Right Right 6'1 185
48 Andres DeAza OF 11/17/1994 Right Right 6'4" 190
49 Angel Heredia P
50 Angel Moreno SS 10/13/1995
51 Crucito Mieses P Santo Domingo, DR 4/18/1996 Right Right 6'3" 175
52 Francis Peguero SS 10/4/1995
53 Francisco Castro C 1/0/1900
54 Grofi Cruz Martinez SS 5/3/1996
55 Hector Morales P
56 Juaquin DelaCruz 3B 10/13/1995
57 Kelvin Esteves 3B 11/17/1995 Right Right 6'1" 170
58 Luis Castillo 3B 7/12/1996
59 Michael Medina OF 8/24/1996 Right Right 6'2 185
60 Natanael Javier 3B 10/10/1995 Right Right 6'3" 185
61 Neivi Pelier 3B 8/1/1996 Right Right 6'1" 180
62 Nelson Alvarez OF 3/10/1996
63 Oliver Toribio C 6/18/1996 Right Right 5'10" 175
64 Vicson Graciano SS 11/23/1995 Both Right 6'1" 180
65 Yairo Munoz SS
66 Yamil Echevarria p Miami, Fl 9/16/1990 L 6'4" 215