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Update and Suggestion Thread

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I've completed the Prospect Smackdowns and Career Profiles that I promised, but would like to do more. Make some suggestions. Minor League Notes (which will be called Prospect Notes until the season starts) will start up again tomorrow or Friday. Matt G. and I are planning on doing a Mock Draft once a month until draft day in June.

A few other housekeeping items:

**It is never too early to start planning for my 2012 Shadow Twins draft. The top candidates I'm looking at at #2 overall are Louisiana State's RHP Kevin Gausman, California prep RHP Lucas Giolito, Florida C Mike Zunino, and Puerto Rican HS shortstop Carlos Correa. I could use some power pitching, but I think Zunino and Correa are the two best position players in the draft and catching and shortstop are needed as much as pitching. I suspect the Real Twins are looking at the same guys, for the same reasons.

Shortly after I posted this article, word came down that Giolito sprained an elbow ligament and will miss the rest of the high school season. That throws a wrench into the draft. More on this tomorrow.

**A baseball friend asked me the other day, "barring injury, is there any way Bryce Harper does NOT get 400 at-bats for the Washington Nationals this year?" What do you guys think about that? Seems like a good topic for a discussion question. I'll post that later.

**We still have some paper copies of the 2012 Baseball Prospect Book available, but at the current rate they will be gone or almost gone by Opening Day. The .pdf will always be available, of course. I actually won a bet with Jeri about this. When it came time to order the book from the printer, I boosted the original order by 20%. She felt these would go unsold, but we've sold more than half of the extras. Thanks to everyone for helping me win a bet with my wife. That doesn't happen very often.