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Minor League Notes, July 15, 2011

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Minor League Notes, July 15, 2011

**The Seattle Mariners signed outfielder Guillermo Pimentel out of the Dominican Republic for $2 million in July 2009. He hit .250/.276/.451 in the Arizona Rookie League last year, knocking six homers in 184 at-bats but also posting an unsightly 5/58 BB/K ratio. Moved up to Pulaski in the Appy League this year, he's hitting .329/.349/.684 so far with eight homers already in 22 games, 76 at-bats, but with a 2/24 BB/K. Pimentel has outstanding power, but reports indicate that his approach remains quite raw, and the BB/K numbers certainly back that up. He's only 18 and has plenty of time to correct this, of course. His left-side power makes him an attractive long-term prospect if he can get the zone under some semblance of control.

**Kansas City Royals prospect Brett Eibner isn't having a great year so far. Drafted in the second round in 2010 from the University of Arkansas, the outfielder hurt his thumb during the first week of the season at Low-A Kane County and was out until mid-June. Since his return, he's hitting .192/.300/.433 in 29 games, with seven homers, 15 walks, and 31 strikeouts in 104 at-bats. He's in a deep slump right now, hitting .114 (4-for-35) in his last 10 games. Obviously the batting average is problematic and he's striking out too much, but on the positive side he is drawing walks and is still hitting for power. It's possible that the thumb issue is still having a lingering effect, and nobody should give up on a guy after 29 games with a low batting average.

**He is in the majors now so not a normal candidate for "Minor League Notes," but I'm interested in the impressions Blue Jays fans have about outfielder Eric Thames, currently hitting .308/.357/.519 in his first 104 major league at-bats despite a 6/29 BB/K. I've always liked him and I'm glad to see the fast start. Do you think he can maintain it?

**My writing mojo is at a very low ebb today. I have another question, this one for Pirates fans, but am going to turn it into a discussion topic which will post in about half an hour.