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2011 Community Mock Draft Review: AL Central

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Part Three of our Community Mock Draft Review takes on the AL Central.

American League Central Mock Draft Review

Chicago White Sox
1-S47) Ricky Oropesa, 1B, USC
2) Zach Cone, OF, Georgia
3) Chris Marlowe, RHP, Oklahoma State
COMMENT: This looks like something the White Sox might do. Paul Konerko won't last forever and Oropesa is a plausible replacement. Cone is the kind of high-risk, high-reward athlete they have invested in in the past, while Marlowe is a hard-thrower with high upside but command problems. This could be really good, or it could be really bad.

Cleveland Indians
1-8) Archie Bradley, RHP, Oklahoma HS
2) Alex Dickerson, OF, Indiana
3) Jack Armstrong, RHP, Vanderbilt
COMMENT: While most people think the Indians will stick with college pitching again, I can see the attraction of a guy like Bradley, who is reasonably polished for a young power pitcher and fits well at eight-overall. Dickerson swings a strong bat and is a regional talent, but might end up at first base. Armstrong has huge upside but didn't get to pitch much this year. He could be a steal or a bust.

Detroit Tigers
2) Dillon Maples, RHP, North Carolina HS
3) Tyler Marlette, C, Florida HS
COMMENT: With no pick before the second round, it makes sense to pop an upside guy like Maples, who would have been a first rounder in a thinner class. Marlette is a favorite of a lot of people looking for a well-rounded young catcher and might not last until the third round in real life, which makes him look very good here.

Kansas City Royals
1-5) Trevor Bauer, RHP, UCLA
2) Charlie Lowell, LHP, Wichita State
3) Domonic Jose, OF, Florida HS
COMMENT: The Royals seem intent on picking a college pitcher instead of Starling, and I personally love Bauer, so I like this decision. Lowell is a solid lefty with local ties who could move through the system quickly, while Jose (son of Felix) is a package of tools and bloodlines that will have to be bought away from Stanford. I would be happy with this if I was a Royals fan.

Minnesota Twins
1-30) Sean Gilmartin, LHP, Florida State:
1S-50) Joe Panik, SS, St. John's.
1S-55) Granden Goetzman, OF, Florida HS:
2) Keenan Walker, OF, Central Arizona CC:
3) James McCann, C, Arkansas:
COMMENT: I did this draft. I wanted Nimmo, but he was gone, and Susac's signability is a bit of a concern. Gilmartin was a safe pick, nothing bold. I love Panik, however, and consider him a potential steal at 50. Goetzman's ceiling is excellent , Walker is a speed demon with an improving bat, and McCann has a great glove and a chance to hit. So I come away with a pitcher, infielder, and catcher who could be ready for the majors within 2 years, and two tool-laden upside outfielders. I'm happy.