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2011 MLB All-Star Game Roster Review: Origins of American League Hitters

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Amateur Origins of the 2011 MLB All Stars: Roster Review: American League Hitters

Here is a summary of the 2011 American League All Star Roster, looking at where these player came from.


C: Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers:
Drafted in the 5th round by Tigers in 2008, University of Alabama
1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox:
Drafted in the 1st round by Marlins in 2000, California HS.
2B: Robinson Cano, New York Yankees:
Signed by Yankees in 2001, Dominican Republic
3B: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees:
Drafted in the 1st round by Mariners in 1993, Florida HS
SS: Derek Jeter, New York Yankees: Drafted in the 1st round by Yankees in 1992, Michigan HS
OF: Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays: Drafted by Pirates 20th round in 2000, Chipola JC.
OF: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees: Drafted by Tigers, 3rd round in 2002, University of Illinois-Chicago.
OF: Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers: Drafted by Rays, 1st round in 1999, North Carolina HS.
DH: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox: Signed by Mariners in 1992 from Dominican Republic.

C: Russ Martin, New York Yankees:
Drafted by Dodgers, 17th round, 2002, from Chipola JC.
C: Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles: Drafted by Orioles, 1st round, 2007, from Georgia Tech.
1B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers:
Signed by Marlins in 1999 from Venezuela.
1B: Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox:
Drafted by Dodgers, 1st round, 1994, from Arizona HS.
2B: Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels: Drafted by Angels, 10th round, 2002, from St. John's River CC.
3B: Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers:
Signed by the Dodgers in 1994 from Dominican Republic.
SS: Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians: Signed by Mariners in 2002 from Venezuela.
OF: Mike Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins: Drafted by Twins in 1st round in 1997 from Virginia HS.
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox: Drafted by Red Sox in 1st round in 2005 from Oregon State University.
OF: Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay Rays: Drafted by Tigers in 12th round in 2005 from Florida Southern College.
OF: Carlos Quentin, Chicago White Sox: Drafted by Diamondbacks in 1st round in 2003 from Stanford University.
DH: Michael Young, Texas Rangers: Drafted by Blue Jays in 5th round in 1997 from UC-Santa Barbara.

Of the 21 position players on the roster, three came as free agents from the Dominican Republic and two came from Venezuela. Seven came from four-year colleges, three came from junior colleges, six came from North American high schools.

Nine were first round picks. The latest draft pick was Jose Bautista, a 20th rounder.