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Community Projection Project

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We've done Community Projections every year, but I've never been especially diligent about keeping track of how things went. That will change this year; it will be a more organized endeavour.

We are going to do projections for 14 players, seven pitchers and seven hitters, and keep much closer track this year, then compare the final results at the end of the season with reality and other projection systems. So far we've done Alcides Escobar, Clayton Kershaw, and Derek Holland (results for Holland will be collated Monday). The ideal projection candidate is someone who is either a rookie with a guaranteed job like Escobar, or someone who is young, not a rookie, but not fully established yet (like Kershaw and Holland).

Use this thread to make suggestions on what other players to include in the Project.  Please don't suggest Heyward or Strasburg at this point given that we don't know how much they are going to play.