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Guess the Prospect!

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I am currently working on the Washington Nationals Top 20 list. The next team on the list is the Cleveland Indians. After that I am undecided. It needs to be a National League team, but I will let the winner of the following Guess the Prospect! contest pick which organization.

The first person to Guess the Prospect! in the thread below wins.

I was drafted by an American League team in the 1990s, between the fifth and tenth rounds, from a four-year college with a long-standing baseball tradition. I started and relieved in college, but converted to the rotation full-time in the minor leagues. I had a good-but-not-excellent year in Low-A, then jumped to Double-A in my second full season and had a similar season. I reached Triple-A in my third full season, pitching OK, then converted to relief and reached the majors in my fourth full season. It took me a year in the majors to fully find my footing, but once I did I pitched extremely well in a relief role for two years before backsliding somewhat due to command issues and injuries. My minor league track record was good-but-not-excellent, and my peak major league performance has been much better than anything I did in the minors. I am still in the major leagues.

Who am I?