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Minor League Ball Changes

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I've referred a few times to some changes coming to Minor League Ball. The whole thing hasn't been hashed out yet, but I think that everyone will be happy with the direction the blog will be taking in the next year. The first of these changes has been slowly implemented over the last few months: bringing in some additional voices, first with Seth Stohs and his expertise on the Twins system, Jordan Tuwiner with his expertise on the Orioles, and now Ray Guilfoyle with fantasy-oriented coverage. There will be more to come on this.

But some things will not change. I will still be here, posting daily. All the stuff I normally do will continue. The community-orientation of the blog will remain the same. I genuinely believe we have the best baseball community on the internet, with the most intelligent and insightful group of posters and readers. None of the things you like about the website will change, but I hope to incorporate even more features and upgrades, to take Minor League Ball to another level of excellence.