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Washington Nationals Preliminary Prospect List

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Here is the preliminary working list for Washington Nationals prospects. Very interesting with the elite talent at the top of the system, but it thins out fast. Feel free to make other suggestions.


Adrian Alaniz              RHP
Michael Burgess            OF
Adam Carr                  RHP
A.J. Cole                  RHP
Paul Demny                 RHP
Danny Espinosa             SS
Dave Freitas               C
Rick Hague                 SS
Bryce Harper               OF
Tyler Hanks                RHP
Destin Hood                OF
Blake Kelso                SS
Cole Kimball               RHP
Jeff Kobernus              2B
Stephen Lombardozzi        2B
Chris Marrero              1B
Yuneski Maya               RHP
Jack McGeary               LHP
Brad Meyers                RHP
Tom Milone                 LHP
Tyler Moore                1B
A.J. Morris                RHP
Derek Norris               C
Randolph Oduber            OF
Brad Peacock               RHP
Eury Perez                 OF
J.P. Ramirez               OF
Wilson Ramos               C
Robby Ray                  LHP
Tanner Roark               RHP
Daniel Rosenbaum           LHP
Adrian Sanchez             2B
Josh Smoker                LHP
Sammy Solis                LHP
Josh Wilkie                RHP
Rob Wort                   RHP