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Fantasy Baseball: Bryce Harper or Mike Trout?

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I posted a similar article over at Fake Teams, but wanted to get your input on this possible scenario.

In my UBA NL-only keeper league, I have the 2nd pick in the 2 round minor league draft in 2011. For this scenario, with all the Justin Upton trade rumors, lets assume Upton is dealt to the Angels, who are in the market to upgrade their lineup, for a package headlined by Mike Trout.

I know some will think Trout is untouchable, and I have to agree. But, if GM Tony Reagins is given the task of improving the lineup, and owner Arte Moreno really wants Upton, then Trout would almost have to be in the deal.

If you had the first pick in this minor league draft under this scenario, who would you pick: Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. Trout has a good shot at seeing action in the big leagues in 2011, while Harper is probably at least a year away. Assume you are playing to win this year, do you forsake the possible quick impact Trout may provide this year and take Harper? Or do you take Trout?

Oh, and here is a tweet from Keith Law on Harper:

w00t RT @Jason_Grey: Bryce Harper is starting in today's AFL title game and batting 7th#Nationals