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Fantasy Baseball Comes To Minor League Ball

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Good morning. In John's recent Website Suggestions thread, I read that some of the members here wanted to see more fantasy-related posts here on John's wonderful site, so I asked John if he needed my help. John was open to the idea, and I am excited for the opportunity to write for John and you, the members of Minor League Ball.

My name is Ray Guilfoyle, and I write for Fake Teams and SB Nation's fantasy baseball site. I have been managing/writing for Fake Teams for about 2 years or so. I have been participating in fantasy baseball leagues for about 20 years now. I currently participate in 4 NL-only leagues, and one mixed league. Two of the four NL-only leagues are keeper leagues, and one allows owners to draft minor leaguers. One of my goals is to one day participate in one of the big expert fantasy leagues, like LABR.

Over at Fake Teams I write alot of prospect-related articles, mainly offering chat excerpts from the prospect experts we all read, offering my comments/opinions. From time to time, I will write prospect profile articles with a fantasy slant. But, I am by no means a scout. I am a fantasy baseball fanatic though. Oh, and I am a LA Dodgers fan, so if you see me talking positively about a Dodgers prospect, there may be some bias, but I do my best to remain partial. 

For the last two seasons, I have also written a daily AFL roundup with stats for some of the top performers from the previous day's action. 

With that said, I would like to get some ideas on what you would like to see from a fantasy point of view. Top fantasy prospect lists? Prospect profiles? A fantasy prospect AQA thread? Daily stats for top prospects? I plan on writing a couple articles per week, and would like to hear your ideas. Please let me know in the comments section.