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I've been studying the draft and watching video all day. Trying to get a handle on who might be available when the Twins pick at 22nd, both in terms of who they might really pick and who I am interested in for the Shadow Twins.

Obviously, everything depends on what happens in the first part of the round, and the Real Twins are often unpredictable on draft day. For the Shadow Twins, I'd really like a college pitcher, but the ones likely to still be on the board at 22 (Paxton, Oliver, Heckathorn) all have flaws. I now find myself hoping that perhaps a high school arm like Hobgood falls, or that I might be able to pick up toolsy LSU outfielder Jared Mitchell. Just thinking aloud here. . .

If Kyle Gibson's recent velocity loss means he's hurt, that shakes up the first part of the round big time and could have cascade effects all down the line.