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I'm picking the Nationals and Yankees.

Please keep arguing to a minimum....we can critique each other's picks later. Signability should be factored in to some extent. I'm doing that with the Nationals right now due to cost of Strasburg.

50) Nationals: Kent Matthes, OF, Alabama
51) Mariners: Angelo Songco, OF, Loyola Marymount
52) Padres: Nick Franklin, SS, Florida HS
53) Pirates: Luke Bailey, C, Georgia HS
54) Orioles: Todd Glaesmann, OF, Texas HS
55) Giants: Kentrail Davis, OF, Tennessee
56) Dodgers: Slade Heathcott, OF, Texas HS
57) Reds: Jason Kipnis, OF, Arizona State
58) Tigers: Brody Colvin, RHP, Louisiana HS
59) Rockies: Jake Eliopoulos, LHP, Canada HS
60) Diamondbacks: Jeff Kobernus, 2B, California
61) White Sox: Keyvius Sampson, RHP, Florida HS
62) Rangers: Zach Van Rosenberg, RHP, Louisiana HS
63) Indians: Aaron Miller, LHP, Baylor
64) Diamondbacks: Joe Kelly, RHP, UC Riverside
65) Dodgers: Matt Bashore, LHP, Indiana
66) Marlins: Brad Boxberger, RHP, Southern Cal
67) Cardinals: Randall Grichuk, OF, Texas HS
68) Blue Jays: Jeff Malm, 1B, Nevada HS
69) Astros: Colton Cain, LHP-1B, Texas HS
70) Twins: Victor Black, RHP, Dallas Baptist
71) White Sox: Brian Goodwin, OF, North Carolina HS
72) Mets: Ryan Buch, RHP, Monmouth
73) Brewers: LeVon Washington, OF, Florida HS
74) Brewers: Chris Dwyer, LHP, Clemson
75) Phillies: Jake Marisneck, OF, California HS
76) Yankees: Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona HS
77) Red Sox: Billy Hamilton, SS, Mississippi HS
78) Rays: Dane Williams, RHP, Florida HS
79) Cubs: Tanner Bushue, RHP, Illinois HS
80) Angels: Brooks Raley, LHP, Texas A&M