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Community Projection: Travis Snider

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I thought there would be a lot of interest in this one, but we ended up with just 11 entries. Apparently the Community Projection project isn't as interesting to folks as it used to be....maybe I just haven't picked interesting enough players this year?

Anyway, the results come out to 136 games, 491 at-bats, 132 hits, .268/.337/.446 (OBP based on walks only), 65 runs, 29 doubles, 1 triple, 19 homers, 74 RBI, 51 walks, 128 strikeouts, 2/2 SB/CS, no on Rookie of the Year.

Other projections:

Shandler  .258/.329/.407, 11 homers in 380 at-bats
James     .270/.342/.462, 19 homers in 448 at-bats
PECOTA:   .251/.325/.443, 22 homers in 631 PA
ZIPS:       .251/.304/.411, 19 homers in 506 at-bats
CHONE:   .229/.297/,373, 13 homers in 458 at-bats

As you can see, the Community Projection is the most optimistic other than James. Frankly I can see all of these outcomes as completely possible. . .it all depends on how his plate discipline holds up.

For what it is worth, Snider is currently hitting .361/.378/.694 in spring training.