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Seeking Input: "The Zone"

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I have been percolating my thoughts about the whole player psychology/make up topic, and I want to solicit some input from you guys.

Obviously everyone here loves baseball and has likely played it on some level, from neighborhood pickup games of whiffle ball, to Little League, to high school. A few of our readers have played college ball, and I know for a fact that some professional players past and present lurk here.

Right now I'm thinking about the so-called "Zone" that players sometimes describe when things are going well on the field. I'm assuming that we have all had experiences of "the Zone" in non-baseball contexts. When I'm in The Zone, for example, my writing just flows. When I'm not in The Zone, it is much more difficult.

So let's talk about The Zone, the state of consciousness, if you will, where you find your greatest success in any endeavor....from sports to work to home life and personal relations to anything creative.

Obviously, I'm particularly interested in The Zone as it relates to baseball success. What is The Zone like? How do you know when you are in it? Are there any things you can do to help put yourself in it?