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Working on the Padres

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The Padres farm system has struck me as underrated the last couple of years. The '09 draft added a bunch of athletic upside to the system, and combining that with the polished guys they already have makes this system extremely interesting.

It's also hard to cut this down to 40 players. I've found over 50 worth writing about but that many simply won't fit in the book. Here is the preliminary list...but there are others who could move on or off it. Make the case for anyone you like who isn't here.

Vincent Belnome    2B

Mitch Canham       C

Cesar Carrillo     RHP

Sawyer Carroll     OF

Dexter Carter RHP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Simon Castro       RHP

Brad Chalk         OF

James Darnell      3B

Jaff Decker        OF

Luis Durango       OF

Allan Dykstra      1B

Mike Ekstrom       RHP 

Chris Fetter       RHP

Logan Forsythe     3B

Nate Freiman       1B

Ernesto Frieri     RHP

Jonathan Galvez    SS

Brandon Gomes      RHP

Nick Greenwood     LHP

Jeremy Hefner      RHP

Chad Huffman       OF

Cedric Hunter      OF

Will Inman         RHP   should I cut him? he's still young.

Craig Italiano     RHP

Kellen Kulbacki    OF

Rymer Liriano      OF

Cory Luebke        LHP

James Needy        RHP

Wynn Pelzer        RHP

Aaron Poreda       LHP

Adys Portillo      RHP

Cesar Ramos        LHP

Jorge Reyes        RHP

Edinson Rincon     3B

Keyvius Sampson    RHP

Evan Scribner      RHP

Eric Sogard        2B

Jerry Sullivan     RHP

Donovan Tate       OF

Everett Williams   OF

Lance Zawadski     SS