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Grade Changes

The 2010 Baseball Prospect Book is exactly half-done right now. I've gone over all the player comments and grades I've given thus far, looking for anything that stands out as an initial error, taking into account community input. I've analyzed about 600 players so far, and for the most part I am happy with the grades. It takes a while to get into a writing and grading groove, and most of the changes that need to be made are coming from the earlier teams I wrote up.

The goal is to get the grade right. I try not to let ego get into it.

Here are the six changes I've decided on. Four of these were community suggestions, the other two were not. All of the community suggestions were considered. Note that the Top 20 lists have been revised to reflect the new grades.

J.J. Hoover, RHP, Braves: Now a Grade C+, changed from B-: Trying to keep this consistent with subsequent grades, we need to see Hoover at a higher level than the Sally League. I still like him a lot. Moved down one notch on the Braves list.

Cody Johnson, OF, Braves: Now a Grade C+, changed from a C. I decided that community comments emphasizing his power potential and youth were correct. I'm still worried about his strikeout rate, but I've placed him in the Braves top 20 at number 17. High power ceiling, high risk of failure.

Che-Hsuan Lin, OF, Red Sox: Now a Grade C+, changed from a C. I gave him a Grade C+ last year, so this really isn't a change in my opinion about him. His tools are excellent and he is young, but he still has a long ways to go with the bat.

Brad Lincoln, RHP, Pirates: Now a Grade B-, changed from a C+. I didn't change the ranking on the Pirates list, but I did move Lincoln's grade up one notch, although I am concerned that Pirates fans are expecting him to be an ace again. I think he'll be more of an inning-eater, not that there's anything wrong with that. Despite numerous suggestions, I did not change Tim Alderson's grade, as I think people are overreacting at this point. He was overrated last year, but in light of his youth people are probably a bit too hard on him now.

Chris Marrero, 1B, Nationals: Now a Grade B-, changed from a B. Production to this point didn't justify the higher grade.

Jordan Parraz, OF, Royals: Now a Grade C+, changed from B-. The initial ranking was too high, as I didn't account enough for his age and vulnerability to injuries.