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Casey Kotchman Community Projection

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Community Projection results for Casey Kotchman:

We had 23 entries. The results were 138 games, 473 at-bats, 75 runs, 143 hits, 35 doubles, 1 triple, 16 homers, 80 RBI, 59 walks, 56 strikeouts, 3 steals, 3 caught stealing, .302/.380/.484 line.

That seems like a reasonable extrapolation from his .296/.372/..467 mark last year. Shandler agrees and has him at .300/.365/.477. For once James is something of a pessimist at 273/.350/.434. ZIPS is similar at .273/.350/.445. Weighted Mean PECOTA is .288/.362/.441. So the community projection is the most optimistic of all.

What do you think about this? Is the CP too good?