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Kane County Vs. Burlington Impressions

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I am working on a report for Baseball Prospect Report subscribers about my trip to Burlington. I will post some photos here later this evening once we get a digital camera issue resolved.

*Mike Moustakas made several fine plays at shortstop. His arm is certainly strong enough for the position, and he's got quick hands. Main limit could be range to his right. I can understand why they are leaving him there for now, but I think he's a third baseman eventually, or perhaps a corner outfielder.

*Matt Mitchell: fastball ranged 86 to 91 on my gun, also had an 81-83 MPH hard breaking ball and a 73-74 MPH softer breaking ball. Good athlete, command within the zone still needs some work.

*Jamie Richmond: 85-88 MPH fastball. 83-84 slider, 74-76 curve.

*Corey Brown: good-looking athlete, patient, works the count, tends to swing over breaking balls and changeups even when ahead. Power to all fields, very good speed.