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Today's Draft Discussion Question

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Today's discussion question for the upcoming draft....

We've discussed the pair of Arizona State outfielders, Ike Davis and Brett Wallace, before. I keep going back and forth on them. The most recent stats:

Wallace: .409/.525/.764, 41 walks, 30 strikeouts in 203 at-bats, 14 steals in 18 attempts, 19 homers, 11 doubles.
Davis: .400/.472/.806, 26 walks, 27 strikeouts in 170 bats, 5 steals in 6 attempts, 15 homers, 24 doubles.

It's really close, statistically. Wallace has a higher walk rate, but although he's hit more homers Davis has a higher SLG due to a greater number of doubles. Does that cancel out Wallace's advantage in homers?

Wallace has been OK at third base, although i still think he's more of a 1B type in the majors. Davis has been playing first but has a strong arm and I think he runs well enough to handle a corner outfield spot.

I've seen them on TV enough to be impressed with both of them. I am interested in what people who have seen them both in person more than I have think.

The question: If you were in the world series and you needed one of these guys hitting in the lineup for you, today, in Game Seven, as the DH, regardless of position, who would you pick?