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Shadow Draft Current Thoughts

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On the 6-hour drive to Burlington I spent some time thinking about the Shadow Draft for my fake Twins farm system.

I've gone with high schoolers at the top of the last two drafts and I think I want to pick up some college guys this time in the top couple of rounds. As we have discussed, the Twins pick 14th, 27th, and 31st. I want to add some hitting to the system and would tend to lean in that direction, though not to the point of completely excluding pitchers from the equation.

At 14, the five college guys who intrigue me most would be Brett Wallace and Ike Davis of Arizona State on the hitting side, with Christian Friedrich of Eastern Kentucky, Josh Fields of Georgia, and Shooter Hunt of Tulane on the pitching side. This assumes that none of the other top names fall unexpectedly. Wild card would be Tanner Scheppers if he falls....would depend on his medical reports.


14: Wallace or Davis
27: Connor Gillaspie or Reese Havens
31: Eric Thames or best available college outfielder

14: College pitcher
27: Gillaspie or Havens
31: Thames or best available college OF

14: College Pitcher
27: Best Available College Hitter
31: Best Available High School Hitter or Pitcher

Just sharing my thoughts here. Things will continue to evolve, and you can bet that all 30 real teams are running through this kind of thinking in their war rooms.