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I had planned on a resumption of normal blogging today and some pictures from you from last night's Burlington/Kane County games. However, I've lost 7 hours of working time trying to find a usable internet connection. Windows Vista is a complete piece of donkey excrement which apparently is incompatable with most of the public internet connections in Burlington. I finally found a usable one but it's late in the day now and I have other things I have to accomplish before tonight's doubleheader. I am going to dump Vista and downgrade to XP on the laptop ASAP.

A couple of brief comments
*Yesterday, at least, it looked like Mike Moustakas could play shortstop.
*Dan Duffy's fastball ranges from 85 to 93 MPH. Everything he throws moves.
*Craig Italiano was throwing 90-92 and is apparently working on his curveball a lot.

A Discussion Question for you: When a team has a guy like Mike Moustakas, how long should they leave him at the more difficult defensive position? Should they let him "play off" the position, or should they just stick him at where they think his final destination will be right off the bat?