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You're the GM! New York Yankees Edition

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Make me proud

I talked with Mark Newman, Yankees Senior Vice President for Baseball Operations, a couple of weeks ago on XM radio. I made a mild joke about Yankees fans being extremely disgruntled about the team merely finishing over .500 but not getting to the post season. He responded that he and the front office were, in fact, extremely disgruntled about this turn of events. So let's see if we can fix this for them.

You are GM of the Yankees. The Steinbrenners promise not to interfere too much, but they want to win NOW, and they will give you all the money in the universe to do it. What do you do? Trades? Which free agents to sign? Which incumbents to keep? What about the farm system? Get this team back into the playoffs, now, though try not to gut the farm system completely to do it.