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Thoughts on Ian Kennedy

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Here is what I wrote about Ian Kennedy in the book.

Obviously it has been an outstanding season for Kennedy: 12-3, 1.91 with a 163/50 K/BB in 146 innings in the minors, with jsut 91 hits allowed. He was overshadowed by Clay Buchholz's no hitter last week, but his first major league start went well too: seven innings, five hits, three runs but just one earned, six strikeouts, two walks.

Kennedy has the zip back on his pitches after his erratic 2006 season and appears fully healthy. Although he's not an extremely hard thrower, his numbers are those of a power pitcher because he changes speeds so well. Ideally I'd like to see him get more Triple-A time, but I say that about everyone. If he pitches like this the rest of September, he'll have a clear shot at the rotation next spring, and as long as he remains healthy I think he will do well.

I expect Kennedy will be an above-average major league pitcher, with flashes of dominance. The question for me is health and durability and how long he lasts at his peak. With the Yankees he should have plenty of support from his teammates.

What are your thoughts?