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I've spent an hour trying to think of something profound to say about Zack Greinke but I can't think of anything. He's made six starts and has pitched very well in three of them, mediocre in two, and was blasted in one. He's 1-3, 4.70 in six starts with a 19/11 K/BB and 40 hits allowed in 30.2 innings. . .hardly stunning performance overall, but not horrid by modern standards although the hits are high. Overall he's looked OK to me. The best news is that his head had stayed on straight and the problems with social anxiety appear to be a thing of the past.

Strong starting performances from Gil Meche and Jorge De La Rosa have kept the pressure and attention off Greinke, which helps. My guess is that he's going to stay in the rotation all season and finish with final numbers around league average. He'll have occasional brilliant starts, and occasional starts where he gets killed early.

What do you think? I'm particularly interested in observations from people who've seen his starts. What does he do different on the days he does well compared to the days when he gets hit hard?