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Thinking about Matt Wieters

Wieters was expected to be the top college position player in the draft this year, and I think he's lived up to that. He was pitched around a bit for Georgia Tech, and seemed to be pressing early in the year, getting off to a somewhat slow start. But he heated up as the season progressed, and his numbers still came out strong: .358/.480/.592, with 10 homers and 51 walks. He has switch-hitting pop and excellent strike zone judgment; I don't have doubts about his bat.

Some people knocked Wieter's defense heading into the season, but the scouting reports on his glove are positive now. He's always had the arm strength (he'd be a solid prospect as a pitcher), and his footwork and blocking skills have improved. He could use a bit more polish, and some people still have doubts about a 6-5 catcher, but I personally believe that his fielding will be at least major league average.

Overall I think he's the most complete college position player available. If I were the Royals, I'd strongly consider him at number two, going with either him or Porcello.