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Baltimore Orioles Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Nick Markakis, OF, Grade A-
  2. Brandon Snyder, C, B+
  3. Chris Ray, RHP, B+
  4. Adam Loewen, LHP, B
  5. Val Majewski, OF, B
  6. Nolan Reimold, OF, B
  7. Garrett Olson, LHP, B
  8. J.J. Johnson, RHP, B
  9. Brandon Erbe, RHP, B
  10. Hayden Penn, RHP, B-
  11. Jeff Fiorentino, OF, B-
  12. Chris Britton, RHP, B-
  13. Radhames Liz, RHP, B-
  14. Dave Haehnel, LHP, C+
  15. Kurt Birkins, LHP, C
  16. Brian Finch, RHP, C
  17. Ryan Keefer, RHP, C
  18. Blake Owen, RHP, C
  19. Paco Figueroa, 2B, C
  20. Wilfredo Perez, LHP, C (reportedly will miss '06 due to Tommy John surgery)
Not a great system, but improving gradually. There are some intriguing Grade C guys on the pitching side, guys with good arms but not a lot of publicity just yet. Guys like Ray, Haehnel, and Keefer could supply bullpen reinforcement soon. If Loewen can sharpen his control, he would move up to a Grade B+ rating.

In the 21-25 range you'd find people like 3B Tripper Johnson and RHP Luis Ramirez. They are more-or-less interchangeable with the other Grade C guys.

Markakis is the real stud on the list, and between him, Majewski, Reimold, and Fiorentino, the Orioles have some nice depth in the outfield. The infield is much weaker, however.