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Off-Topic: College Education

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As I've been studying the draft this year, I have found myself researching the colleges and universities that players are drafted from, from a non-baseball perspective. You have the big state schools of course, which are interesting enough, but I find it particularly fascinating to check out the backgrounds and histories of some of the smaller schools (Barry University; Lee University; Lewis-Clark State College, Cameron, etc). that produced players this year.

Part of my interest here may be because our eldest son is almost 13, will be entering 7th grade in August, and is college-bound, so we are starting to think about options. I think back to my own college days and think about how much I learned, in and out of the classroom.

So, for an off-topic discussion, did you go to college, and if so, where? Studying what? Aside from academics, did it help you grow up? If you are not old enough, do you plan to go?

I went to Northwest Missouri State University for undergrad, studying history and philosophy, then went to the University of Kansas for my MA and for my PhD that I never finished. I loved the undergraduate experience, but pretty much hated grad school after the first couple of years.